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Julian Dawson

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Paroles de Sigh heart dont break

Julian Dawson - Sigh heart dont break

when you look through your window
all you see is rain

and you wonder if all your dreams

have been in vain

beyond the grey there's blue

someone to pull you through

out of the darkness into the light again

when there's tears on my pillow

every time you fall asleep

when charity's failed
wait for the break of day

to banish the blindness

and hold back the night again

sigh heart don't break

though the weight of the world brings you down

sigh heart don't break

you have fallen so far

but you've still got your feet on the ground

you've still got your feet on the ground

when the chance of a lifetime

has slipped right through your hands

you've tried to explain

but nobody understands

when the spark is gone from your eyes

it comes as a big surprise

that smile of a stranger

can make it all right again