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She screams at him in silence Paroles

Julian Dawson

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Paroles de She screams at him in silence

Julian Dawson - She screams at him in silence

some fantasies it's not easy to share
he thinks as he steps in the shower

and washing her perfume from out of his hair

he sees that he's only an hour

a parting kiss a stolen thrill

just time to settle up the bill

if he can't buy an alibi at least he'll take some flowers

then home to the humdrum he slips in the door

and pours out his usual drink

a married man's quarters don't suit anymore
washing socks for Daddy's daughter

while in her dreams a prince arrives

and smothers her in mink

and she screams at him in silence

and never says a word

transmits her hate at frequencies

only bats have ever heard

she's never been fooled by the love in his eyes

that's a part that he's too often played

and hours of stories and acres of lies

won't heal up the cut that he's made

she often considered the trip back to mother

she sits in the kitchen with her liquid lover

then worse for wear she climbs the stair

and wonders why she stays


a month of tears for an hour of passion

and romance is ruled by the bell

he even feels guilty after a fashion

but too weak to counter the spell

a shadow slips in from a shadow

a wife arrives and leaves a widow

and a man was found with his trousers down

on the floor of a cheap motel