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Just can say no Paroles

Julian Dawson

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Paroles de Just can say no

Julian Dawson - Just can say no

when I was a young boy
they sent me to school

the teachers all told me

I'd grow up a fool

but I wouldn't listen then

and still I'm not listening now

I'm just like a Rolling Stone

no wiser the older I grow

'cause I just can't say no

I landed in London town
but it wasn't enough

said we'd be on easy street

if I'd only roll with the flow

then a dark-eyed smiled at me

and I knew I had to go

'cause I just can't say no

send me temptation - can't say no

a sure-fire winner - can't say no

a little flirtation - can't say no

eyes of a sinner - can't say no

offer me some danger

offer me some love

the smile of a stranger

'cause I can't get enough

I can't say - I just can't say no