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Brando´s perfect girl Paroles

Julian Dawson

Album Other

Paroles de Brando´s perfect girl


you thought you were invincible
with your magic and your charms

the world had open arms to welcome you

sucking on your cigarette

as you gave birth to the cool

all the wildest girls in school would follow you

leaves a trail of broken hearts like crazy paving

as he blazes like a comet through this world

do anything to satisfy that craving

like Brando searching for the perfect girl
in the overtaking lane

he drives himself insane with worrying

keeps himself awake at night

with a head that's fit to burst

he thinks he'll get there first by hurrying

and all he keeps are photographs of faces

remnants of the offers he's refused

his echo's heard in many different places

she's just a faint suspicion she's been used

as Brando searches for the perfect girl