Paroles de Something

Hip Hop baby, coming around.

Flying to the moon and back making the sound,

spreading the religion and spreading the soul,
gotta get it moving 'cos I'm on a role.

Feeling overconfident and making a scene,

with your blue schock eyes and your tabourine,

'cos you started something that I can't believe.

Hazy days at the back of my mind.

Losing time with pleasure to find,

gotta keep on moving 'cos I'm out of my way

When the grass is greener I'm here to stay.

Pack your bags, we're leaving this place,

Take me on a coaster, take me on a ride

take me somewhere good, somewhere generally alive,

take me to a pleasure beach where I can play,

gotta keep it moving 'cos I'm on my way.

feeling over curious I can't complain,

with my heart and my head and the people saying,

that we started something we just can't believe.