Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues) Paroles

Jinkx Monsoon

Paroles Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues)

Paroles de Just Me (The Gender Binary Blues) There's so much more to the world today
For whatever reason we all get to have our say
But respect for which everybody pays (?)
Is hard to find with people so concerned with what's between our legs

Now in the past I've caused confusion, it's true
But what's the fun of living life pink or blue?
I say just tell 'em all to shut up and just be you

Now when I'm at the movies, and I'm standing in line
I might hear some guy shout out saying 'Girl, you look fine'
Well I may think it's rude, but that old attitude makes me laugh
Or if i'm on the phone, and i'm talking so bold
And that operator says to me 'Ma'am, please hold'
Well I know it's my voice, it's never been a choice for me

Well (?) I may sound like a dame, and my curves make 'em cry
But there is more man to me than meets the eye
No I'm not either or, what a bore, I'm just me

Now when I'm at the doctor, for little old check up
And he says I've marked the wrong box and I wanna yell 'Step up!'
Well I take it in stride (?), it won't change what's inside of me
Or if i'm at airport security, and they send in some chick
To start pattin' me down until she notices my dic-tion and my grammar correct, I am what I elect to be

Well you can call me uncouth, call me in a (pinch head eye?)
You can call me miss or mister, just don't call me a quitter
I've got nothing to prove, doll or dude, I'm just me

What does it matter if you're a girl or a guy, what good's a label do?
Don't let them tell you that it's do or die, i say buck up, they're the fuck up
Don't let them put the blame on you, oooooh

We're both the beauty and the beast, We're the genie and the lamp
We're the tramp and we're the lady, though I'm mainly just the tramp
Low and up the binary (?)

I'm a stiletto on a size 12 shoe, enjoy the show and stick around or screw
Yeah, there's nothing they can do, darling it's true, cause I'm just me
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