The Blues Of My Future History cover

Get Lost Paroles

J.G. Bitter

Album The Blues Of My Future History

Paroles de Get Lost

I've been told that my eyes are too close
I can reach but my limbs are much too short
Maybe ill change my name, write a song called get lost
Maybe I will find myself in Nashville
Today I woke to snow covering the ground
Maybe I can be someone who I never was
If I can change this time around
To be the best thing for me

Find yourself in an empty conscience
Dive inside so you know how I feel
How can I be myself in this room of silence
Maybe this will bring us new perspective
I mean, a little snow has got me grinning loud
Maybe it wasn't leaving that would save me
It's learning that I've got to help myself
To be the best thing for me

I've got something good to give
But for now I've got to love myself