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No Warning, No Alarm Paroles

Jerry Harrison

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Paroles de No Warning, No Alarm

Oh fan the fire (repeat)
There's a dance that goes around
You can do it, too
Moves up, moves down
Is it moving you
This dance is more than a dance
Yet it's not so new
They call this dance the fire
And it can't be stopped
Jump it, stay ahead
Grab it, nab it if you can
Current hits, ride it out
Break the strap, snap it back
In and out
Burning block, wired hot
Strapped in, strapped down
In the slot
Don't belong, have to pay
Right or wrong, the fire's song
Time to pay
Knock out, black out
Lock out, look out
In and out
Ride it out, break the strap
Current hits, snap it back
Thunder clap Feel the shock, knock it back
In and out
Ideas come, ideas go
No warning, no alarm
Yeah, its time has come
Now we've got to do it
We didn't have to do it
Yet we had to do it
You had to mean it
Now you're got to see it
Didn't want to see it
Yet you had to see it
You've got to mean it
Now you've got to feel it
Fear won't conceal it
You have got to feel it
You've got to mean it
If you're looking for action
It's your lucky day
There's a fire that's burning
It won't go away
It marches, it sings
It's burning everything
It's patient, it's hot
It's motion can't be caught
So ride the wave, yesterday
Unscathed, depraved
Pull it out
Sneak attack, move it back
In the sack, break the rack
Get it off
I die, you die, we die
Time to move, time to choose
Time to loose, keep in motion
Tear it up
Burning plane, burning fire
Burning border, fan the fire...