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Man With A Gun Paroles

Jerry Harrison

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Paroles de Man With A Gun

A pretty girl, a pretty girl
Can walk anywhere
All doors open for her
Like a breath of fresh air,
Her beauty, it precedes her
Wrapped in her beauty,
Everywhere, she is welcome
First class on the plane,
Closed door of the club,
All faces turn, all faces turn
And they come alive,
With a desire to protect her
Nothing can interfere
With a dream of dreams so near
And when she caught my eye,
We were those for whom
The rules do not apply.


Pretty girl young man old man
Man with a gun
Two people in love (Two people in love)
The rules do not apply
To people in love
Pretty girl young man old man
On a wire, a high wire
She likes to balance on a knife
She says on the wire,
That is living, oh,
You can forget the rest
On the wire, that is living,
Each step must be in place
So don't look down,
One false move is all it takes.
We'd rather risk it all;
Roll the dice and let them fall
They say we can't survive
But a life like this keeps me alive
Doesn't matter where we are,
I still say the rules do not apply