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Jerry Butler

Paroles Ain't Understanding Mellow

Ain't Understanding Mellow Video:
Paroles de Ain't Understanding Mellow Ohhh
I thank God for you
(I thank God, I thank God)
You were woman enough, girl not to try to hide
(Didn't try to hide it baby) [Repeat x2]
Didn't try to hide your love
For this other guy, hey
No need to explain

I thank the angels for you
That you were woman enough try to make it easier for me
(Try to make it easy) [Repeat x3]
Where ever, say it, where ever you go
I want you to know, you have but to call on me
And I'll be right by your side

I thank God for you
(I thank God, I thank God)
For it's very nice to see
There's a man who understands how hard it is
(So understanding baby) [Repeat x2]
To take your hand and try to explain

Thank the angels for you
Your the kind of man your are
To be so understanding, well
(So understanding) [Repeat x3]
Where ever you go
You have but to call on me
And I'm gonna be right by your side, yes I will

I thank God above
That we were able to see
Just how wrong we were
Ain't understanding mellow [Repeat x2]
Ohhh, when you wake up in the morning baby
Ohhh, ain't it mellow
I just couldn't do without it
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