Santorini Peace Paroles

Jered Sanders

Paroles Santorini Peace

Paroles de Santorini Peace Every now and again you got to
Just get some bars off man, Yea
Church in the Wild you know I had to get on this one
Shoutout to Armond though
God Over Money
Real Hope Hop Circa 1985 baby, Let's talk for a minute
Yo, Uh

Started off this written watching New Edition
And then the crucifixion of the true and living
How the brown they was splitting up the cypher
And the poison that it drown made it hard to be a super Christian
The high horse how you getting the group to splitting
Brother Mark had to check it for a spark now it's my turn
Guess I'm Johnny Gill in the group description
And my brothers on a mission for the true depiction
Staring at the line with the poker faces
Knowing former cypher members still got open cases
If you just preaching what you practices
We done heard enough
If you don't practice what you preaching
Then your sermon sucks
I'm praying for my father make it stop and wonder
If my dedication is something I should iron out
Cause every line I'm kicking like a drop of thunder
But see if Kevin left it ain't too hard to lie about God

Aye man I just checked bleacher report
And it just said Russell Westbrook hit his 40th triple double man
Aye that's consistency ain't it fam
Yea that's what we gunning for though man
Well done thy good and faithful servant
Everyday carrying that cross fam, yea

I'd rather get crumbs with bums than steak with snakes
That's why I make sure to say my grace
And when I state my case to Abba Father
I be praying He forgive them
Before they ever get to taste my grapes, Yes Lord
And they goin probably miss the water when the well run dry
And out of luck a lot of sinning gong to impale one's high
It's only gravity homie
You on the corner where they shoot the shrapnel
A couple pellet hit your Newton's apple
And where the pump shells
Make Rickey Bakers or Ricky Bobbies
And these bullets turn peacemakers, Mehta Mahanadi
Or Trying to play the hero a sub with a soda on the side
Turn meathead youngins to hot pastrami
Cause see the shells dumping homeboy is out of body
An first time I seen it was before the Matrix
Bullet time but for me Hell running is not a hobby
Cause I was never worthy to afford his greatness God

Aye man it's a crazy life we living in man
Seeing what's going on in Washington man the
The missing girls man and that fact that I get to
Walk in my room and see my little daughter call me daddy Fam
It's enough to shake you up at the core
Keep praying for them though
Yo, Check

I think I'm in love with the thought
The singing is cool spitting they saying I'm nice
Lunch room church pews two tabernacles
They the same do my thing I feel it's the life
I'm praying I'm right,I don't got it for naught
Swing a sword keep it sharp and swing with a purpose
Precious Lord keep me close I'll never be bought
But grab a pen just in case I know that it's worth it
Never said I was perfect
But I'm a little bit different from the cohorts
Here to ride wit'em and for'em he the chauffer
Praying every letter that I pen like a blow torch
Skim over the ice like a snowboard the world need more
Then a lot of so on and so forth bout nothing an no more
Only so much He finna go for
And I don't need a receipt or refund to pay my dues
Just a ballpoint to state my views God Over Money Ah!
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