Letter To AJ Paroles

Jered Sanders

Paroles Letter To AJ

Paroles de Letter To AJ Every now and again You got to
Get somethings off your chest man
I love you AJ
See you in a little bit

My mother used to tell me pen you a letter fam
A pen in hand wrote up a sentence and telegram
To tell you we all products
Of that system that we grew up in
And at the core we all some hooligans foolish men
Homie you did what you had to do and I love you
You lived the life you lived
To keep your head above the struggle
Of the working man
I'm probably preaching to the choir
We ain't perfect fam
I empathize is all I'm saying it's real
And you got locked for a pistol with loaded bullets
And George Zimmerman scot free and he had to pull it
At least one of the bullets to take a life in the bury
Yet another black boy then I think of your commissary
But a little change won't bring change when out of pocket
You Quran but Christ did things no Allah did
Will talk about it when you out of that box
And Bad Boy breaking out of them LOX
I guess you got to be married to your decision
Buried up in your sentence and weary of your intentions
Tarry to your opinions you Magic on the block
But you Larry up in that prison
You calling gran mama
But scary to play the victim pimpin
The last bar was just me telling you it's foolish
Be careful what you doing no benefits if you ruining it all
If your religion ain't the true and you fall
It's nothing helping you get through this at all
But this the truest cause dog
If you who do it you removing your God
But He the only one renewing your heart
And He the still small vocal
When you ruined and fool in the dark
Go get a light and He producing the spark
God Bless you
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