Beauty Freestyle Paroles

Jered Sanders

Paroles Beauty Freestyle

Paroles de Beauty Freestyle Man I been OD with the rhymes
Good kid in a Mad city we call the burbs
The boys on their backs and whether they blue or white
They laying face down and struggling on the curb
Word, the butterfly with the pimp savy
Biz told me pen the rhymes make the prints snappy
I got you boss man, yea

Uh, mamase mamakusa Uh
Time flying it's feeling like vacaran
And I ain't really feeling all the raps these days
Little cheese but delivery there is Papa John's
And everybody been thinking about a prom
My nappy head cohorts ducking Boko haram
And Jan Sport Jay be struggling to write a song
When they dying on their knees
And praying they got a bomb out in Gilead
And they worshipping out of woes
And looking for the get back joy that the devil stole
And want the presence of God coping a lump of coal
Trying to chase red bottoms with a payless soul
Simmer down J used Adderan and a crock pot
And never get the feeling you hot shot
Cause real talk, your shot's not
And you ain't steady with your form dog
You about a stone throw from out of the hot box
And in a lock box momma see the prison pictures
Now the eyes never dry when she in the system with ya
You see your baby boy in a blue jump suit
And it's never enough tissue
And everybody miss you on the outside
They hope you get parole in about five
They always praying for Brodie with the mouth wide
And that your goals get cleaner than the amount time
Get out a sweater about nine stains on it
And it's hard for a brother to smile another mother and child
Seeing your life slip away right in front of the crowd
You up in a trial and he trembling
Timeouts be out like Chris Webber in Michigan
Feeling like the robber on the cross with him
Full worthy to be a saw victim
And I ain't trying to be all Gothic really I'm just microscopic
Read the book and got hooked on phonics
See the beauty in it all fam

Got to keep going

Yo I had bars but I ain't know how to sell'em
I had a mouthpiece but I ain't know how to tell'em
And Everybody knocking the man entrepreneurship
Did a little plotting but I ain't t know what to do with it
Christian MC's got saluted by the OG's
Shout to Mouth, Tay, and Scott I'm feeling go me
And All Hip Hop tried telling you God going see
It's probably why I'm getting no sleep
It's beautiful

Man, every now and again you got to rap though
Everybody say you got to rap
Aye Biz said I got to put a tape together so
That's what we got to do
Yo yo yo, Aye yo Datin said
He should never get on a record with me because I'm a machine Salute man C3PO

Uh,I used to want in an E-Class yea
Braving the weather with the seats back
And when the diamonds always glistening and
Spending is frivolous seats plush good Kush you relapse
Uh, I used to want it flaunt it when I'm afforded
And burn a hole in the denim and scintillating is gorgeous
Pardon me if I hold it expose it to hold the focus
Just an average Joe blow vocals supply the moment
I'm a little speck maybe a Taurus
I don't belong here I ain't close to Forbes list
I ain't a royal prince it ain't easy to forget
How I was staring death down facing a four fifth
A hairpin trigger morgue visit a forfeit
And death trying to bite my tail off like crawfish
Set like Saw six I'm giving you raw spit
So you don't ever question if I one of the Lord's Kids
It's beauty in it all fam

Man, it sound beautiful
Yea yea yea
God Over Money
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