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Jekyll & Hyde

Paroles Your Work--And Nothing More

Your Work--And Nothing More Video:
Paroles de Your Work--And Nothing More UTTERSON: You have your work And nothing more! You are possessed - What is your demon? You've never been This way before - Where is the fire You built your dream on? There's something strange, There's something wrong. I see a change - It's like when hope dies. I, who have known You for so long, I see the pain In your eyes! UTTERSON JEKYLL: There was a time Have You lived your life, I And no one lived Become - The way that you did! You had a plan, My work You chose a wife, And nothing You saw the world More? As very few did! You had it all - I The overall! - Know You seemed to know That's Just what to live for! Not But now, it seems, What You don't at all, I'm You have you work - Living Nothing more!... For!... EMMA: Father, you know Henry won't just walk away. The only way he knows Is straight ahead! SIR DANVERS Emma, you've not heard A single word I've said! My fear is, he's in over his head. He could lose control, And that I dread There has been talk: They say he's gone too far. He's locked himself away In his own world, Pursuing the insanity -! EMMA: It is his work! SIR DANVERS: It's more than work - He is obsessed! The man is driven! EMMA: Just give him time, I ask no more. His work's a crime To be forgiven! SIR DANVERS: EMMA: There's something strange. Just give him time Unless I'm blind! I ask no more I see a change Of a bizarre kind! EMMA: SIR DANVERS: There's not at all! He's chasing dreams Don't be unkind. He'll never find The problem's all In your mind! SIR DANVERS: UTTERSON: JEKYLL: He has his work This increasing Father... And nothing more. Isolation only adds He is obsessed! To your frustration The man is driven! And it could Endanger Your EMMA: JEKYLL: Just give him time, Career... Who are they I ask no more. To judge what I His work's a crime Am doing they To be forgiven! Know nothing Of the Possibilities I see. SIR DANVERS: UTTERSON: JEKYLL: He's chasing Time to awaken And I will Dreams Before it's too Prove, if I'm He'll never find! Late Ever I see a change Permitted to Of a bizarre kind EMMA: UTTERSON: JEKYLL: There's not at all! Before you forever Things are not Don't be unkind. Determine your fate Wrong just Problem's all What you're Because they In your mind! Living for Are new! EMMA: SIR DANVERS/UTTERSON: JEKYLL: ENSEMBLE: Still, I pray, Dear, I pray, I pray If you live around Every day, Every day, I Here lots of people I Henry may Henry may May Fear will make Find his way. Find his way! Find Promises I pray he may I pray he may My They will not Find his way! Find his way Way! Honor My dear and the I will pray, I will pray I Truth is Every day, Every day. Pray That it's all a Henry may You two may I Façade Find his way. Find your way! May I pray I pray Find He may find You may find My His way! Your way Way! ENSEMBLE: There's a beast at The door And he's wild and He's free but We don't let him in 'Cause We don't want to See what Is lurking right Behind the Façade.

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