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Paroles Murder, Murder

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Paroles de Murder, Murder NEWSBOY: Read about the 'ideous murder, Profane, religious murder! FIRST GENTLEMAN: The poor old bishop, What a shock! STREET VENDOR: Seen walkin' wiv 'is daughter, A moment prior to slaughter! NEWSBOY: The shepherd tendin' to 'is flock! CROWD: 'E died in a London slum - A slave to martyrdom - 'E died without complaint! - 'E should be made a saint! - 'E's gone back 'ome to God! - It all seems very odd! - Why should it be, This mystery? - Murder, murder - In the night air! Murder, murder - It's a nightmare! Murder, murder - It's a right scare, Bloody murder In the night! Murder, murder - Makes your heart thump! Murder, murder - Makes your nerves jump! Murder, murder - Makes your blood pump, Bloody murder In the night! CONGREGATION: Dona Eis, Requiem PRIEST: Sweet death has taken This brave man from us! CONGREGATION: Requiem Aeternam PRIEST: Friends, take what comfort That you can from us! CONGREGATION: Dona Eis, Domine... HYDE: General Glossop, I'm happy to inform you that you are relieved of your duties, sir. All of them! A MAN: Look at this, another murder, Just like the other murder! That's poor old General Glossop, dead! A BOY: Last week the bishop copped it! The bloke what done it 'opped it! That feller must be off 'is 'ead! ANOTHER CROWD MEMBER: That's two in the last four days! This killer has fancy ways! A.FOURTH: To kill outside St. Paul's Requires a lotta balls! A.FIFTH: He hates the upper class! A.SIXTH: He must be on 'is arse! CROWD: Who could he be? THE BOY: Don't look at me! CROWD: "Bloody murder In the night!" Murder, murder - Doin' folks in - Murder, murder - Is the worst sin! Murder, murder - Has me screamin' "Bloody murder In the night!" Murder, murder - Makes me blood thin! Murder, murder - Makes me 'ead spin! Murder, murder - Starts me drinkin'! Bloody murder In the night!" In the night!" HYDE: Bessie, my love... You really should be more careful...wearing your real diamonds out on the street. You never know whom you might encounter! UPPER AND LOWER CRUST ON THE STREET: London has a killer on the loose! Could be a gang! Gotta get 'is 'ead inside a noose! The man must hang! CROWD: Maybe his nerve will fail him! - They've gotta try to nail him! - They've gotta trail an' jail him, Now! Murder! No matter who we're blamin' Till they pull wot's-'is-name in, There's gonna be one flamin' Row! Murder, murder - It's a curse, man! Murder, murder - It's perverse, man! Murder, murder - Nothing's worse than Bloody murder In the night! HYDE: Bad news from God, Teddy! FIRST NEWSBOY: Read about the worst two murders - ! SECOND NEWSBOY: Much worse than the first two murders! CROWD: That makes it murders three and four! (VARIOUSLY) They've murdered dear old Bessie! - I hear it extremely messy! - And poor old Archie is no more! - WOMAN: They say a lot of blood and gore! ALL: That's four in the last eight days! It's London's latest craze! SECOND NEWSBOY: this time 'e was in Perk Lane! An' 'e may come back again! WOMEN: Until the killers found, There's danger all around! CROWD: What can we do? What can we do? What can we do? We wish we knew! CROWD: Catchin' such a madman could be hard! - He'll kill! - At will! - Cos they're all so thick at Scotland Yard! - No brains! - No skill! - ALL: He'll kill us, if we let him! They'd better go and get him! I know a way to net him! - How? Murder! No matter who we're blamin' Till they pull wot's-'is-name in, There's gonna be There's gonna be There's gonna be a flamin' Row! Murder, murder - Or our doorstep! Murder, murder - So watch your step! Murder, murder - Take one more step, You'll be murdered In the night! Murder, murder - Once there's one done - Murder, murder - Can't be undone! Murder, murder - Lives in London! - Bloody murder In the night! In the night!

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