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Paroles de Letting Go SIR DANVERS: Emma, don't you understand! It's you I am concerned for. EMMA: Father, don't be! You should be concerned for him! He's the one in need! SIR DANVERS: I am only trying to protect you! What else would you have your father do? I think I would die, If any harm should come to you. I'm scared, my child, Because I'm going to lose you. I find it very hard, To let you go! EMMA: Father, If you try to, You could never lose me! Darling father, I still love you, More than you will ever know! But if we want our love to grow - SIR DANVERS: I know, in time, I have to let you go. EMMA & SIR DANVERS: We mustn't be afraid of letting go...

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