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Paroles de A New Life LUCY: A New Life - What I wouldn't give To have a new life! One thing I have learned As I go through life: Nothing is for free Along the way! A new start - That's the thing I need, To give me new heart - Half a chance in life To find a new part, Just a simple role That I can play. A new hope - Something to convince me To renew hope! A new day, Bright enough To help me find my way! A new chance - One that maybe has A touch of romance. Where can it be, The chance for me? A new dream - I have one I know That very few dream! I would like to see That overdue dream - Even though It never may come true! A new love - Though I know there's no Such thing as true love - Even so, Although I never knew love, Still I feel that One dream is my due! A new world - This one thing I want To ask of you, world - Once! - Before it's time To say adieu, world! One sweet chance to Prove the cynics wrong! A new life - More and more, I'm sure, As I go through life, Just to play the game -, And to pursue life - Just to share its pleasures, And belong! - That's what I've been here for, All along! Each day's A brand new life!

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