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Congratulations Paroles

Jeffrey Osborne

Album Other

Paroles de Congratulations

Baby here I am
I told you I'd return in search of your love
But what I've come to find
Is not exactly easy to accept
You say your love is taken
For you got tired of waiting
And you will soon be joined forever

Though it's hard for me to say I must admit
My heart is aching
And I was'nt prepared for anything like this
Life goes on I guess
Here's to your happiness
My very best

I guess this is goodbye
So darling know that I will always love you
don't me to up and leave
But baby I can't let you see me cry
And I must face tomorrow
Proud to erase my sorrow
But don't you worry 'bout me dear
Here's to you
Ooh, ooh, ooh