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To Go and Return Paroles

Jeffrey Lewis

Album Other

Paroles de To Go and Return

Wish on a star, it's gonna work in the future,
in the time that it takes a wish to go and return,
when you're sleeping at night the wish is flying and flying,
the star will wait 'til it's time to listen and learn,

and the wish it will land in the star's giant hand,
and a bridge will appear to the star's giant ear,
and the wish it will walk to the ear and then talk,
and this all will take place deep in the forest of space.

Every song a bird has sung in the morning
is a song on the dark side that a bird dreams at night
and each turn of the earth makes half the upside-down beaks
take a turn in the dream-songs from the ones upside-right,

and each time that they match there's a egg that will hatch
'til they open the moon, and the earth will hatch too,
'til a chirp is expressed from each galaxy's nest,
and this all will take place deep in the forest of space.

When the wishes come back they'll be granted and given
but the time that it took will be a life and a half,
so each life that we live is someone's wish from a distance,
each wish that we make the future won't need to ask

and the starlight that beams through each island that dreams
is reflected so small in the eyes of us all,
and each light bounces back to someplace out in the black
from our face to its face deep in the forest of space.