The Singing Tree Paroles

Jeffrey Lewis

Paroles The Singing Tree

The Singing Tree Video:
Paroles de The Singing Tree There are a million roots,
of the singing tree.
And it has a million branches,
and it each branch a million leaves.
Rain falls in the river,
River falls in the sea
The sea falls upside down
into the singing tree
The singing tree is hidden
The singing tree is dark
The singing tree has castles,
hidden in its bark.
The castles have no kings.
The castles have no queens.
The people are all just words there,
sung by the singing tree.

Today I got a phone call,
on my ansering machine.
It said "Hello is Jeff there?
This is the Singing Tree.
You might be surprised I'm calling.
You might be surprised I have a phone.
But no one wants to be a quiet tree in the woods falling like a lonely telephone pole"
And I'm lonely tree now
And I don't want to fall in the woods
I want to find a honey bee now,
to take me all around the world.
I want to stop barking up the wrong tree
I want to turn over a new leaf
I want to go back to the country.
I want to find the singing tree.
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