Paroles de Sea Song

When you're at sea,
Please be careful
Of the storms and the sharks
And the whales and the dark
Watch out for wrecks
Swab the decks
Steady at starboard
And hard to port
While a hand made of water picks you up and puts you down.

When you're at sea
With your hands on the wheel
Keep it under control
Looking through your port hole
And a giant turtle on the back of another
It's the oceans grandmother on the back of the turtle
With the head of a bird
And this tower of turtles
Is eternal immortal
Right outside of your portal
And the ocean so deep
Gently rocks you to sleep

When you're at sea
Tucked into your bunk bed
Put a shell to your ear
When you're at sea
All alone in your cabin
Watching the waves flow
And reading a book
Sing a sea song
Write some lines in your log
Patch all the cracks
Check all the maps
And The port star will stay
Just as far far away
And a hand made of water picks you up and puts you down again
And the ocean so deep gently rocks you to sleep