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Mini-Theme: Moocher From The Future Paroles

Jeffrey Lewis

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Paroles de Mini-Theme: Moocher From The Future

Minnie the moocher from the future
She was raised by neither nature nor nurture
She had a metal front and a plastic back
But in the middle was a lot of soul and that's a fact
She started messing round with the king of Saturn
He looked like a purple psychedelic pattern
His heart went zing when she did her thing
And before long she was walking off with Saturn's ring
She travelled from the future to the distant past
Killed a fly which made her first guy become her last
Turned yesterday to notaday with some cute goon
And said the past is just some future that arrived too soon

And New York city how I love it so
I'm always bumping into buddies whose names I don't know
I don't get off to sleep until a quarter to four
And then I wake up in the morning and I do it some more
And when you look me in the face I just disintegrate
Now I'm on another date that I kind of hate
And I just keep falling further ended
Seems by now I should have landed

But Minnie the moocher from the future
Could turn space into whatever kind of face would suit ya
The rainbow's bend was what her contact lens was
So she knew what the colour glowing in each of her friends was She rode a black hole to a magnetic pole
Rode a dinosaur so long that it turned into coal
Made the coal a diamond said this ain't my best friend
Turned the jewel back into a dinosaur again
And my window view is a brick wall or two
With some barbed wire snagged on a plastic bag
And every plane I hear I think the end is near
They get louder and louder and then they disappear
And the shampoo stings and the landline rings
The Jesus freak on the corner with the guitar sings
And the vacant lot daydreams of what it's not
And the night seems to remember what the day forgot

But Minnie the moocher from the future
Is gonna meet me halfway 'tween when I find her and lose her
And in that dock between the hands of the clock
She's gonna park her flying spark here on my own block
She'll honk her horn for me and take my arm
She'll invite me on a ride to where the tide is born
Where the director and cast of the future and past
Follow the union rules and take a break at last
And when we're all refreshed after a little rest
She'll say goodbye to her guests and go back on her quest
I'll say so long Minnie, I'm glad you're my friend
I'm gonna keep dreaming about you till we meet again