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It's Not Impossible Paroles

Jeffrey Lewis

Album Other

Paroles de It's Not Impossible

I wrote pages about how I could never
So many phases back and forth and wherever
Sometimes so quiet hearing the little mice creep
While in my head the riot wouldn't let me sleep

Up hills in Portugal
Across the Berlin Wall
Now it's hard to remember when
I had no hope of you my friend

But it's not impossible
It's not impossible, now I know
It's not impossible

I looked for hands until I was surrounded
Everyone else seemed they already had found it
Never collected what I thought was owed me
Now I know it's not you, but at least you showed me

It's not impossible, now I know
It's not impossible, I thought so
But it's not impossible

I'm still not certain, but it's not so deadly
I'm not that person that despaired so steadily
Like sink tap water through my hands it went But it's not impossible