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Jeffrey Lewis

Paroles How Can It Be

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Paroles de How Can It Be How? how can it be?
how can it be you love him and not me?
does it really add up mathematically?
how? how can it be?

because i'm thinking of how i made you laugh
and i'm thinking of the love that we had
and i'm saying its a matter of time
how long till you remember your mind
it dont make it true because its what you decided
oh its the logic that wrong
why are you there for so long?
i just cant see nothing else
except from you and myself

How? how can it be?
how can it be you love him and not me?
does it really add up logically?

and does it really make happy to see?
now i'm with someone beautiful and cool
and she seams to think the world of me too
and were laughing as we stroll down the street
until i'll take her to the joint where im eat
why are here in my restaurant
and you with the only one that you want
so i wont be eating here
anywhere else i fear
and the girl that on my arm is goona have to see tears
more tears

because i see her face and its still my own
how can i ever think of something thats gone
its just a fact that were a match its make sense
although you still saying' that we should be friends
and i know you think im crazy
and the world think it too
but im not crazy its just dumb to be alive without you
and i know its what you love and what you love you lovy love his family
but his it really any reason to love him instead of me
i cant see
so how can it be?
and does it really add up mathematically?
or should i say it more emphatically
consistently or sporadically?
or is it really just the way it will be
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