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Jeffrey Lewis

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Paroles de Gravity Sue Gravity Sue
What's become of you
Gravity sue
Do I have to tell you again

Two old men were walking
walking down the road
their boots were made of raw hide
they carried a heavy load
one of them was a robber
the other was a cop
One said to the other
I think I'm gonna drop
That's okay the first one said but I aint gonna stop

I met a girl on Bleecker street
underneath a lamp
she said she had a speaker
I said I had an amp
We took em to Mcdougal and we opened up a socket
I took off on a bicycle
she took off on a rocket
I took off my sneakers
and she put em in her pocket

Sue was such a downer that they called her gravity
The only man who loved her was a thief from Tennessee
they bought a little farm house
and they burned it to the ground
the thief went crazy screaming
but Sue never made a sound
everyone knows gravity can only get you down

I heard my phone a ringing
I asked who's on the line
He said it was a friend
but it was no friend of mine
So I'll tell you how it's going
if you tell me how it went
He said I have fifty dollars
If you've got fifty cents
and both of them looked quite the same
after they'd been spent

Old Freight 63 train
rolling down the track
rolling straight to Memphis
and then it comes right back
The engineer's a bad man
Don't you mess with him
he carries around a cannon
and he votes republican
the hobos back in Yonkers they all call him Devil Jim

A prong with forty fingers
made a rat with twenty legs
they walked into a restaurant
and ate a dozen eggs
the cook took out a spatula
and waved it in the air
by the time the sherrif came around
only bloody bones were there
the paper said this sort of thing
just happens everywhere

When I heard that you were gone
You know I hung my head and cried
I walked out on the highway
and I flagged myself a ride
I got into the backseat
and the door shut with a bang
the old cowboy behind the wheel
said he came from Birmingham
and all the way to New Orleans
this was the song he sang

Gravity Sue
what's become of you
Gravity Sue
do I have to tell you again
tell you again

Gravity Sue
what's become of you
Gravity Sue
do I have to tell you again
tell you again

Gravity Sue!
what's wrong with you
Gravity Sue
do I have to tell you again
tell you again
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