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Flippity-Floppity Paroles

Jeffrey Lewis

Album Other

Paroles de Flippity-Floppity

There was an inchworm who played the French horn,
I’m not quite sure how.
When she flopped,
she would rock.
When she flipped she would rip,
there she goes now.
Going flippity-floppity, flippity-floppity, yay-heee.
flippity-floppity, flippity-floppity, yay-hee.

There was a frog who played guitar all winter long in his mud hole.
He played every day of his life except before he had arms when he was a tadpole
And he went hippity-hoppity, hippity-hoppity, yay-heee.
Hippity-hoppity, hippity-hoppity, yay-heee.

There was a crab in the sand,
who to a stab at playing the upright.
With her claws on neck,
she played to Miles Davis records all night.
Going bee-bee-boppity, bee-bop-boppity, yay-hee.

There was a horse who played drums of course with all four hooves.
He banged and he clocked he never stopped until he needed new horseshoes
And he went Clippity-cloppity, Clippity-cloppity
Clippity-cloppity yay-heeee

There was a rabbit who took a stab at playing some songs.
And the frog, and the inchworm, and the horse, and the crab formed a band.
And the played at open-mic nights,
Throughout the land.
And they never made much money,
But they had a lot of fun.
And they were never in it just for the money anyway.