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Let's Just Live Paroles

Jeff Williams

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Paroles de Let's Just Live

It used to feel like a fairy tale, now it seems we were just pretending
We’d fix our world, then on our way to a happy ending
Then it turned out life was far less like a bedtime story
Than a tragedy with no big reveal of the hero’s glory

And it seems we weren’t prepared
For a game that wasn’t fair
Do we just go home? Can we follow through?
When all hope is gone, there is one thing we can do

Let’s just live day by day and not be conquered by our sorrows
The past can’t hold us down, we must break free
Inside we’re torn apart, but time will mend our hearts
Move onward, not there yet, so let’s just live

Can we get back to a happy place? We’ve suffered so much pain and sorrow
After yesterday is there any way we can trust tomorrow?
Will we go through life filled with strife like it’s torn and tattered?
Can we keep this up when we all know that every hope has shattered?

And the lesson isn’t new
That some dreams just can’t come true
When it finally falls and the battle’s through
When our faith is gone and there’s nothing left to lose

Let’s just live day by day and not be conquered by our sorrows When it feels like there’s nothing worth living for
Everything is broken, the light’s not there anymore
And the story takes an unexpected turn
A friend is suddenly gone
We can cry our lives away
But if they were here they’d say
"Go forward. You must keep moving on."

Let’s just live, just one day, let’s forget our problems
Let’s fall in love with life and just be free
The sun will never fade, the night won’t steal our day
Let’s laugh and dance and love and let’s just live