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Lost In Translation Paroles

Jeff Scott Soto

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Paroles de Lost In Translation

If you're looking for someone to kick around the floor
Let me tell you, I may be your man
You can do what you're willing then throw me out the door
I wont beg You for a vowing hand, no no

If all you want is fixed sensation (want you to know)
Without the lines of communication (want you to know)
Well then I thought you should know

forever I'm your impermanent man
I'll be there when I am needed
Gone without provision
forever I'm your subservient man
So you'll never need another again

There's no need for the pressure, never a mistake
All I need's a simple, subtle sign
You can take what you want what you want's what I'll take
No need to draw the line, no no

Never again lost in the translation (want you to know)
No need to cry from anticipation (want you to know)
Go when you want me to go

(Chorus) Go when you want me to go


So you'll never need another
Always your decision