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If This Is The End Paroles

Jeff Scott Soto

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Paroles de If This Is The End

Something is saying things ain't been right
I can tell in your smile
You're probably thinking I can't see the signs,
but you're wrong
What we been missing is more than a touch
But the words seem so clear
Through the illusions that love will survive
These are words I hope you'll hear

If this is the end then why don't I wanna go
My feeling defends answers we ought to know
If this is the end must the story close this way
Why can't we pretend if this is the end?

Most say it's familiar, good things don't last
But one never forsees
The senseless conclusion that's coming to play
in our lives
Although it's apparent & perfectly clear
We both know what's in store
There's just no disguising the pain & the fear
are we worth fighting for?