Paroles de Teenager

Young, dumb and trying to fall in love with a six-pack of Coke getting warm in a cluttered trunk.
Burnt out on melodrama and teenage bitterness that I need to let go of.
Sucking summer off each others’ fingers
Windows down all showing the world we don’t care.

Christine doesn’t seem to mind that all of my songs are about dying and suicide.
Sometimes I don’t think I mind when she yells at my friends, I wanna yell at my friends sometimes.
Sticking flowers in each others’ hair
All making out, all showing the world we don’t care.
And I know that every moment’s fleeting.
I know I have too many feelings.

But when the seasons change
When I’m turning grey
And waves turn to rain
And everything’s a pain
I’ll laugh ‘cause I know I don’t care.