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Get Old Forever Paroles

Jeff Rosenstock

Album Other

Paroles de Get Old Forever

When your friends are buying starter homes with their accomplishments
Drinking at a house show can feel childish and embarrassing
With people glaring because despite what the advertisements said:
Malt liquor doesn’t make you young.

On a fancy thing into the future
Thumbing through a raincloud of reminders.
And “it’s a death trap” so I wanna get smashed before we get an inch off the ground.
I’m not so sure you want me around.

But we stepped outside and I realize it’s been a while
Since I’ve seen those eyes.
And it felt so nice to see you smile.

Breathe in deep and debride your life
Stale regrets are a waste of time
Only one thing remains secure
That we all get old together
And we all get old forever.

Yeah, I’ve got dreams.
Big stupid dreams.
Dumb fucking dreams.
But Little Chris is getting married Saturday.
I need to get unstuck on the things I won’t achieve.
I need to let it go and just That we all get old together
and we all get old forever
Yeah we all get old together
and we all get old forever.

We had the time so we watched the ocean for a while.
And it felt alright.
Was it kind of nice to see me smile?