Paroles de Margaret

Hey Margaret, sing me a tune.
I was feeling much better till you walked in that room.
Now my brain doesn't work cause I gave it to you,
and my thoughts are all lost and my head's been unscrewed.

Hey Margaret, how have you been?
Your hair has grown long and your face looks so thin.
And I know I'm a mess but I guess that's just when
I try to forget and you come back again.

I think I've lost sight of myself,
so I look at old pictures but it doesn't quite help,
and I put all my memories back on the shelf
next to songs that you wrote about somebody else.

Hey Margaret, it's not your fault.
You're barely a memory now that you' never called.
And I remember you told me you loved me and all,
so I guess it's all right that I'm taking the fall.

Hey Margaret, sing me a tune.