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Pinwheels Paroles


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Paroles de Pinwheels

We live our lives as pinwheels.
Spinning with the wind at our heels.
Life spins in moderation.
Every moment in circulation.

To live or to die we all live like pinwheels.

The holder's searching for a feeling.
Wishing every breath has a meaning.
His ears are closed his eyes are open.
Concentrating on every motion.

Asleep or awake we all live like pinwheels.

Everything devastates you.
The frigid weather breaks you.
There's nothing else that you can do.
The fine points of living are few.

Despite all our faults we all live like pinwheels.
Like itwas before we all live like pinwheels.

Your insides are screaming so loud,
and nobodoy knos what you've found.
Life snapped just like guitar strings.
Don't know what the next day brings.

A spin and a turn we all live like pinwheels

(Thanks to Andrew for these lyrics)