Paroles de Insecure

Hey Kase, u see that beezy over there? hell yeah I see that beezy, why she qot her nigga like that? Tell that bezzy:

I make bit×hes insecure
Ah, I make bit×hes insecure
I make bit×he's insecure
It not my fualt that I rock you niggas world [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Hold up let me catch my breath
Why you hoes jockin on me here gettin bread
Pockets stay fat like I just won the menu
Could'ntcatch open if I had no [? ] click
He neva met a bitxh like me
And he knew he couldn't have me
So he told his bitxh to get like me
Miss pinky I'm rockin niggas world
Call me bird cause I can shxt on any nighaa and his girl
Yea I'm cocky and bitxh I got a reason
Name one chick set trends all season
Stay on my grind, cause you know yo girl the shit
And I'm not like cream, but I can get yo nigha wet
Everywhere I go I'm the center of attention,
Niggas tryna show off and get my attention
Did I mention
They call me miss distraction, [Verse 2: Indigo Vanity]
Throw me my mic, no need for an intro
Indigo vanity don't act like you don't know
I mess it up stay jerkin, everyone must stare
My steeze so hot it can straighten your hair
Comin through like a raven,
My jerkin videos, stay on dudes pages
I'm that bomb nigha I'm nuclear
Don't call me [? ]
I'm like solar we stand out yea
Nigga we bright sb skinny jeans
Yea nigga we tight yup yup that's right
So complex have the crowd restless
While I'm yellin out we the baddest (we the baddest)
No love honey
Slap niggas and take they money
I'm money hungry
Jerk so lovely
Flirt so EFF, ingggg DOPE .! !


[Verse 3: Asia Lee]
Pussy ass bitxhes wanna talk shxt
Cause I'm that bitxh
And don't call me a bad bitxh
Call me [? ] a average bitxh
I'm badder
I [? ] more [? ] than [? ]
[? ] You hoes be lacking
It's like I'm the teacher when I be rappin [? ]
My flow so sick, when I'm done they start clappin
[? ] I put a bullet through your chest
Nigga they up on me tryna fuxx with [? ]
Tryna get up in my coochie like I'm some kinda hoochie
Don't fuxx a bitxh nigga cause the all boogie boogie
Yea and I'm 2 fly To fuxx with mr [? ]
No I'm 3 fly everbody know me know
Yea an I'm so fly they be on me on me.


[Verse 4: Indigo Vanity]
Money money money
That all I wrote
I stay on top
Your the water I'm the boat
Alway a pimp and never a hoe
I stay with mo plus niggas plus dough
Young in the game but I ain't a little girl
It jus take ten nigaas to rock my world
Rock rock my world, yea rock my world
So, I want you you you plus you
Plus the boy back there lookin cute in the blue
(You kinda cute)
People hate me cause they can't do what I do
Mean muggin I laugh at you
I took you man then stole yo boo
Blah blah it's true
Heart so cold like a freakin igloo
Got all these nighas like boo hoo
And on these tracks I go cookoo


[Beat out]