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Before A Dream Paroles

Impure Wilhelmina

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Paroles de Before A Dream

I heard the voices of the four beasts
They look old
They came from an ancient gallery
And were riding on their black night horses

Waking up before I dream
Hate becomes clearer
The more I kill, the more I attempt
No side or lie reflects and rewinds

An ambulance goes on the bridge
While birds are on water
This is the equal vision of that point of view

I heard about your car crash tragedy
On the radio and newspapers?
But I'm gonna walk the roads to find deliverance
Peace of mind is a gift for absent friends

All these people came for your mess
Remembering the man you were
I wasn't there on that day
No positive vibes within our family
I hate this town

Never said the right words when I could
Too young to tell you stories about what happened
I've been far away from grace for a long time
And I've missed you since that day or even before