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Summers Lost Paroles


Album Vol. II

Paroles de Summers Lost

Lie to me say you were wrong
Like you have too many times
And I'll believe it's not my fault
Like i have too much time

So hear me now boy
Stay alive 'cause that's the way it should go
Would your maker have opened your eyes
If he'd preferred them closed?
To feel the weight of summers lost
I'd love to have you here
And all the times we've ever crossed
It was just to keep you here

To try to be something you are not
Like i have for you and promised too
I know we'll get through this and won't
Let you do it, so stop!
And make believe that i'm not wrong
'cause if i was
We'd all be gone!

Nights without end seem to bleed into days
Try to forget that it turned out this way
I wear the mark of the permanent stain
Not accidentally, i cursed god's good name With winters mean brimstone i set sail for Euphrates
All I can say is it's a god damned shame
Just to feel the pain of summer's loss i'd love to have new years
And all the times i've missed my loss
It's just to keep you
Just to keep you
Here with me