Paroles de Harvey

I've been hearing something lovely
Sounds like something maybe richer men afford
With a buttered trowel you sink it
Back into the earth where no one else has heard of it

And don't you know

Spring comes bounding to your doorstep
Leaves a paper trail of lovelies in it's wake
No one feels the same as you had
Still with pocketfuls of seedlings left to stake on it

And don't you know
Don't you know

Now the pigment's gone to ashes
It's a blossomed thing that this year went to seed
Bloody angels tie their sashes,
Tie their boots and get to work, just like the rest of us

And don't you know

Like she always would have wanted
Harvey left the world to rush and be with her
And the underbrush was stunted
And the ferns drop spores to nothing, like the end of it It is hard
It is hard
It is hard