Paroles de Chamon

Your herring bones on the stratosphere, I remember
The meteors in your vested hands, you wasn't meant for
So was it god or was is something
Something else that moved

So I was six on love divine, on dreams and dancing
Some liquid rush in '99 is not withstanding
So was it you or was it something else that glittered

Yeah maybe star
Yeah maybe motion
Maybe breathe some, son
Yeah maybe star
Yeah maybe motion
Maybe breathe some

But who am I, I am no one
No one, but it comes to
The beacon lights you left on in the rooms that held you
A thousand eyes, a million noses all point strange-ward

Chamon we screaming laughing in the summertime
In the summertime
In the summer with my baby, Chamon
You walking backwards on the sun, you on the clock face
I was a child and you were the moon and who knows how late
You kept me up screaming your songs with hummingbird heart

And dim and dark, the speakers blow
You think you might want some
But through soot and spark, you always show
So sink the night, now
Through soot and spark you always show
And sink the night now
And maybe star yeah maybe motion maybe
Breathe some