Go Down Old Hannah Paroles

Harry Belafonte

Paroles Go Down Old Hannah

Go Down Old Hannah Video:
Paroles de Go Down Old Hannah Oh, we call the sun ol' Hannah Blazing on my head Yes, we call the sun ol' Hannah And her hair is flamin' red. Why don't you go down, ol' Hannah Don't you rise no more If you come up in the mornin' Bring judgment sure Well I look at ol' Hannah She was turnin' red Well I look at my partner He was almost dead Said if you get lucky, Or make it on your own Please go down by Julie's Tell her I won't be long Kept sayin' I was a good man But they drove me down Yes, I was a good man, But they drove me down Well, it look like ev'rything Ev'rything I do Yes, it looks like ev'rything I do is wrong

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