Genuine Imitation Life Paroles

Harry Belafonte

Paroles Genuine Imitation Life

Genuine Imitation Life Video:
Paroles de Genuine Imitation Life Chameleon changing colors-while a crocodile cries People rubbing elbows bit never touching eyes Talking off their marks, revealing still another guise Genuine imitation life People buying happiness and manufactured fun Everybody doing what everybody?s done People count on people who can only count to one Genuine imitation life All the pretty clouds are a lovely shade of black You find the night direction, someone tears up all the track People worship crosses, fingers cross behind their back Genuine imitation life Genuine imitation life Old friends get together but it?s solitaire they play Everybody?s rainbow done in different shades of gray It?s a lovely place to visit but I wouldn?t want to stay In a genuine imitation life Genuine imitation life Genuine imitation life

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