Gorilla Twins cover

Supply & Demand Paroles

Gorilla Twins, Ill Bill & Nems

Album Gorilla Twins

Paroles de Supply & Demand

The bad guy you rooted for at the end of the movie has finally won
It's finally done
Just fucked a rapper's girl she started crying and said
After all these years i could finally cum (uhh)
You a pump you my son you a fucking junior
I face fucked the love of your life and then you spooned her (yeah)
You get no respect i slap you with a [?] ball bat full of cement
The last time i took the bus i told myself
This is the last time you takin' the bus (facts) and now i am up
So i don't give a fuck about you and your struggle
Cause you just like me could get out there and hustle, Fuck you!
Let my gun bust you