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All Those Nice Dreams Paroles

Gold Kids

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Paroles de All Those Nice Dreams

All those nice dreams
Are becoming nightmares
Strength and pride live
Like a ghost inside of you
I feel I'm falling down straight to the floor
I'm looking for your help
I'm looking for a friend

“it's not so good to have a life
when all you want is only to die”

My wound is gonna be open forever
The bleeding blood can't be stopped
I used to ask myself why I couldn't sleep
But I've always known the answer

Please leave my heart as you found it

Don't try to look at me with different eyes
Cause I'm still paying for my sins

I know you're gettin tired
Hearing of stories about broken hearted kids
But this time it's so fuckin different
Cause I've broken mine by myself... fuck

Please leave my heart as you found it