The Boys cover

Top Secret Paroles

Girls' Generation

Album The Boys

Paroles de Top Secret

Listen up - I'm amazed and curious about the evidence you have
You shadowed me for a long time and I'm looking at you twice
You seemed quite awkward
You went behind my back and snooped around
Why do you keep going through my privacy - I'm sick of it
* The magnifying glass toward me, the hysterie wrapped as love
Oh no- if you fearlessly try to know it all, you'll get hurt
Top Top Top Secret
Whoever I meet and play with
Wherever I got my hair style done
You can try but you won't find anything on me
To breath freely is my wish, wish
I revealed false information
Girls need to hide well in order to look new
In your eyes, I'm always shining
A perfect mystery without any flaws
Oh boy, it's a homework problem you need to solve without me
Top Top Top Secret
When you're not looking, I'm relaxed a bit
When you're not there, I get a little crabby
Without you knowing, I looked at other guys before
Without you knowing, when I'm with you, I erase my bad side
Just stop it, check check check check x 2
I deceived you a bit but the insides burning and electrifying push and pull-
It's all part of the master plan of love
I know you are nervous but don't worry - I will take out my secrets little by little Top Top Top Secret