Paroles de Voodoo

I'm all wrapped up in this voodoo,
And my god's just got to go.
I've payed my rent and I've done my time.
And it's gone on much too long.
And every time I feel this way,
Like I get angry,
I just can't see out.
I finally feel the world crashing down around me.
I just walk on out

Sha na na na

All this time I thought that I was me,
Someone who was wise,
Could learn the prophesy
And all this time I knew it couldn't be,
Oh, maybe you can't hear me?

This deja-voo is driving me crazy,
All over again, and I say!

Caught inside,
The keeper of the key.
Well born and raised
Without the want to leave.
What a locked up crypt All over again, and I say!