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Paroles de Downhill Livestock

DOWNHILL LIVESTOCKthey say you will not get aroundthey talk about nutritious variationsthey try to make you all believe a dreamerthey?re closing in to hypnotize your whisperingwhy you think i?m still a believerwhy you kiss mw and i think it?s an illusionwhy you turn away when i wanna knowwhy don?t you remove the veilall i see going downwhat?s the drain i got minewhat kind of mystery is plain in the newsunlike a prodigy it?s coloured with abuseno one to clear up somehowno one to present a real solutionwhy is there no thought about the livingwhy don?t you consider fate of the victimswhy this playw ith people?s gullibilitywhy you?re drawing pictures of false beautywhat i see going downwatch the drain i got minethey say you will get aroundthey say everything?s alrightthey name your problems a misunderstandingwake up wake up look outside