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White Eyes(english) Paroles


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Paroles de White Eyes(english)

Space catches the lunatic moon,
cradling it in both hands, in fear
until my voice reaches,
dawn will not be welcome

all your words...
all your mannerisms...
they were still too fragile for me

you never touched the hand I held out to you.
I gave you a kiss, you, so cold
no matter how many times I scream out your name,
no one can erase the sadness accumulating around me

I trembled, amidst this sin
of continually making even our finding one another,
into a mistake

all my feelings...
all my heart...
still remembers you even now.

You, who so loved the sky at dawn,
in the end you showed those tears in the light,
you showed me, just who you were.
Until this body rots, it won't be taken by anyone!

Oh my one and only, fly high into the air
held by the earth turning a silver shade
Whenever I look up, you'll be smiling
and one day, we'll meet again in this sky.