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Tsuki No Uta [English] Paroles


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Paroles de Tsuki No Uta [English]

A shining, pure white T-shirt
A rainbow floating in a spray of water
Gazing thoughtfully at the sky
The wind plays with countless things
Nothingness was our own happiness
More deeply than anyone else, I even give my heart to you
Even now right here, I'm only gazing at you
If it's a dream that I cannot return to once more, I'll destroy it
You're unforgettable, I want to see you once more

The mirages pile up
Your shadows, I collect them

I keep waiting for you though the hands of my watch have stopped

On sleepless nights, and on mornings when you have to sigh
There's your beloved song of the moon

Some time far away, when even our bodies are left behind
Right now right here, only I remain
I believed we'd always be together unchanging
Once more, like I did at that time, I want to love you