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Paroles Seven [English]

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Paroles de Seven [English] Drawn in a glass dream
Embraced by that warmth
Awakened by a distant voice
"Kill me here..."

No matter how much I want
That figure rising up inside of reality
I can't go back

The vanished memory that I can't remember is driving me mad again
"Unforgettable" that vanished word revives itself
"Who are you..."

Collecting broken glass
Like a puzzle, driving me mad

While trembling, I hold out my hands slightly
I'm scared of the light but I can't sneak out

Inside of my heart, only your vanished memory can't be found
Collecting all of your fragments, where should I go?

Inside of a mist, I gaze at you
I can see your look
Even now

Your smiling figure that I can't remember... like it's unforgettable
Like broken glass, you're screaming now
While always inside of me

"Hold me..."
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