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Paroles Saikai~story~ [English]

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Paroles de Saikai~story~ [English] A faint light calls me awake

The memory of a transient dream and a vanishing voice

Projecting that scene of the commotion

Of a receding past that's now lost

Nearby smiling... You are here

Yes... I completely remember it as if it were yesterday

That look that touched me more deeply than anyone else

And the pleasure of shared things

And that encounter that was like a miracle...

And only our image is deserted and disappearing

Inside of the fading memory

I want to hold you just one more time

Nearly painfully, I continue to shout your name

Until my voice is lost

I want to hold you in my arms

Because more than anyone else in this world

I realized I wanted to protect you

In a little while longer I'll disappear but...

Still I never want to let you go

Nearly painfully, I won't forget the days

That I enveloped you
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