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Returner -Yumi No Shuen-[English] Paroles


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Paroles de Returner -Yumi No Shuen-[English]

Cowering in loneliness, the moon embraced the sky
Unable to see through my tears, I searched for you, screaming

In your eyes I was smiling
Before a smile I would never see again
I can see you screaming in the darkness
Too far away...

I'd hold you so tightly you'd break
If only I could see you again, even if it was just a dream
Please grant me eternal sleep

I'd hold you so tightly you'd break
I awaken from a dream
And your smile and that voice I love so much disappear

We'll meet again; I promised
Wrap me gently in your overflowing love
And please grant me eternal sleep

I can't see you...